About project

The transformation of the higher education institutions submitting this project has been initiated in the past decade by digitization and has been sped up this year by switching to online teaching and learning dictated by national lock-downs.

Covid-19 has disturbed educational processes and has emphasized the need for distance and independent learning opportunities, teaching, and assessment. This need is even more explicit in higher education where students are not necessarily living in the proximity of their educational institutions, are not always having the (advanced) infrastructure and tools needed to study independently from their home, and are in some instances juggling with multiple responsibilities such as employment or family. On the other hand, the increasingly challenging labor market, with the rapid creation and disappearance of jobs and the shift of control to employers due to growing unemployment, makes students uncertain of their future and creates a demand for evolving, efficient, and innovative educational methods. In particular, trends, particularly in Information Technology subjects that traditionally develop practical and applied knowledge, indicate a need for an increased focus on performance and outcomes and speed the demand for improved student centricity.

The CODEIN project will consolidate the participating organizations' efforts to modernize their distance learning curricula and teaching methodology in cloud computing and machine learning by adopting a student-led approach to teaching. These are areas of rapid technological development which affect the global labor market and require continuous incremental innovation in university curricula. A student-led approach to teaching will ensure that lectures and curricula are dynamically and regularly revised and updated and that a more cognitive and analytical methodology is applied to learning. Additionally, the IT labor market is highly internationalized, with trends being driven by international corporations frequently running their training academies.

The activities of CodeIn include six intellectual outputs, and they will be achieved during five stages of work: Research, Design, Implementation, Evaluation, and Finalization.  Furthermore, the project will focus on disseminating information about the project and project results and preparing appropriate mechanisms/processes for further exploitation.


The Codein final transnational project interim meeting 6 was held on 28/02/2024 at Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland.
CodeIn O4 research paper accepted for 7th International Conference on Gender Research in Barcelona
Multiplier Event Success: Unveiling a New Educational Strategy for Girls at Gimnazija Antuna Vračića, Šibenik


Polytechnic of Šibenik
Lodz University of Technology
LUISS University
University of Aveiro
University of Žilina