The second intellectual result of CodeIn (Fifteen training webinars for educators in higher education institutions) is ready for your preview.

  10.06.2022, 09:44h

These short webinars are designed to train educators in higher education (professors and postgraduate teaching assistants) on developing distance teaching and learning materials and assessments. In all these videos, it is possible to include Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Slovak and Croatian subtitles. Based on these webinars, we will soon publish an e-book, which will be available on this website. We wish you pleasant learning!

Enquiry-Based distance Learning methodology

Basics of Enquiry-Based Learning

Differences and similarities between
online and traditional learning

Gamification in training

New skills required in labour
markets on 21st century

Online knowledge evaluation

Data generation and critical data analysis

Critical thinking

Organization of team work, roles, planning

Methods of communication, presentation
and argumentation of research results

Desk research and knowledge analysis

Research methods

Human-centered design

Organization and planning of scientific research




CodeIn Project Highlights: Distance Learning Innovations at COT 23
The CodeIn transnational project interim meeting 5 was held on 29/05/2023 at LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, Italy
The CodeIn Transnational Project Interim Meeting 4 was held on 26/05/2023 at the University of Žilina, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics


Polytechnic of Šibenik
Lodz University of Technology
LUISS University
University of Aveiro
University of Žilina