Collaborative Learning at its Finest: CodeIn Meets Digital Learning Paths at Polytechnic of Šibenik

  11.05.2023, 13:23h

On May 9, 2023, the Polytechnic of Šibenik, as part of the CodeIn project, hosted participants from the Erasmus+ KA2 project, Digital Learning Paths.

 We were honored by the presence of institutions like GO! Technisch Atheneum Zavelenberg (Belgium/Brussels), Strojarska I Prometna Skola Varazdin (Croatia/Varazdin), Industrijsko-obrtnicka skola Sibenik (Croatia/Sibenik), Prva tehnicka skola Krusevac (Serbia/Krusevac), Blas De Lezo LHII (Spain/Pasai San Pedro), Institutul pentru Educatie (Romania/Bucharest), Institoyto Koinonikis Kainotomias Kai Synoxis (Greece/Thessaloniki). The event highlighted our distance learning courses, encouraging more than 40 vocational students to deepen their IT education. Additionally, more than IT educators were updated on our latest teaching resources, emphasizing integrating them into secondary education. This collaboration aims to strengthen ties between higher and secondary education, ensuring enduring positive impacts in IT education.


O6: 2 Case studies
O5: 2 sets of policy recommendations disciplines
CodeIn Project Highlights: Distance Learning Innovations at COT 23


Polytechnic of Šibenik
Lodz University of Technology
LUISS University
University of Aveiro
University of Žilina